FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

whre.com is a global price comparison shopping site that help users find the best deals around the world. We aggregate millions of products from stores worldwide so users can compare prices, product features, and shipping options on products they wish to buy.
If you have a product in mind, simply type the keyword in the search bar, and a list of product results will be presented. You can further narrow down the results with various filters such as: price, brands, features, etc.
Or by browsing the products in our recommendations and departments sections. These recommendations are powered by Artificial Intelligent (AI) engine to make suggestions based on market popularity, sales data, item location, etc.
No, we do not actually sell any physical products. Our purpose is to collect product information from merchants around the world, and structure them in an clean and accessible format on our website for you to use. With the actual order, please visit the merchant’s site to complete the transaction.
Don’t worry, we started whre.com to specifically tackle this problem. There are 2 options you can take in this situation:

  1. Use a third party Parcel forwarding services (Do-It-Yourself) There are many Parcel forwarders (a.k.a. shipping consolidators) that can provide local mailing address for buyers. They will coordinate the international shipping from their warehouse to the buyer’s final address. Some known names in this industry include: Borderlinx, Parcel2Go, Borderfree, and MyUS.
    If you find it too time consuming and hassle to set up an account with them, you can use our value added Global Checkout service alternatively.

  2. whre.com’s Global Checkout service (Do-For-You)* Is our concierge service, where we will take care of the whole purchasing process for you from start to finish. Simply provide us with the information below and we will handle the rest:
    • Merchant’s product link or Whre’s product page link (We will use the lowest priced merchant to place the order)
    • Buyer’s full shipping address (Including contact name & number)
    • Combine shipping? (Let us know in advance if you are purchasing multiple items from multiple merchants to consolidate into one shipment; or we will assume the item is ready to ship upon arrival to our facility)

With the above information, we will get back to you with a final quotation and confirmation to proceed with the order.
Visit the following link for more information regarding International Shipping.
*(Update Nov 2017) An automated Global Checkout process is being built to further streamline the process. Please stay tune on the launch of this new function.

No, whre.com is completely free for buyers to use with no hidden charges, so go ahead and use our site with confidence. Our source of revenue comes from merchant affiliate networks. From these merchants, we ask for a small commission when users complete an order through traffic redirected from our site. We insist to not host advertisement banners or pop-ups to keep this an ad-free environment for our users.
No, we do not rank the affiliated merchants higher. We are proud to say we are an unbiased platform where we always show the best deals at the top regardless they are affiliated or unaffiliated merchants. In fact, our crawling technology grabs product info directly from the merchant’s site instead of via their data feeds to eliminate any hidden agenda from merchants.
Since we have millions of product data to refresh each day, it is possible information will have delays before going live. To minimize this issue, our price API is specially architected to instantly update the prices when that product is being selected; meaning the price you see in Merchants and Offers section will always be the most up-to-date prices. However, we always advise you to use merchant’s page as the most accurate source of information. whre.com is responsible and will not compensate on any price discrepancies.
whre.com has the most extensive store and product selection globally, so you can shop “that product” not available from your local retailers, or take advantage of region-specific deal events like Black Friday, Boxing Day, or Single’s Day (Nov. 11). With whre.com, you can literally shop the world on your mobile device or computer.
Please let us know the issue in the Contact Us page or directly email us. We are dedicated to crawl and update millions of product data each day in order to provide our users with the widest selection of products. Maintaining database this size is not an easy work, so we ask for your understanding for issues such as broken links, wrong images, or price discrepancies, and bear with us while we fix these problems.