Kleen Pool Algaecide Longlife Swimming Pool Algicide 1 Litre - No.1 For The Ultimate Crystal Clear Water All Year Round.



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產品類別Outdoor living
品牌Kleen Pool
生產廠Kleen Pool
  • Just ONE TREATMENT will keep your pool clear from algae for up to six months
  • One litre treats up to 6200 gallons
  • Ideal for Spring or Winter treatment

Algae are microscopic plant life that can multiply rapidly in your swimming pool water in the right conditions. Recovering an algae infested pool can be time consuming & expensive which is why prevention is always preferable to cure. Our range of algaecides have been specially formulated to help you achieve sparkling clear & algae free water. We offer you a choice of weekly dosed & long life algaecides depending on your particular needs. Kleen pool algicide is one of the uk's most popular long life algaecides. It is a copper based product that remains active in the pool for up to 6 months. Use after spring commissioning or winter close down to keep your pool water sparkling clear & free of algae. Kleen pool longlife algaecide - simple pool water maintenance in one treatment. Kleen pool will prevent algae growth for up to 6 months making it the ideal winterising treatment. One litre of kleen pool treats up to 6200 gallons & can be used for summer & winter. One simple application will free you from the problems caused by algae blooms, dis-colouration & hazes which can affect the appearance of your pool. When your pool is not being used for swimming during holidays & the winter, kleen pool will keep your pool clear & free from most algae without the use of other pool chemicals. Kleen pool algaecide should not be mixed in a plastic bucket with other chemicals. It should be added directly to the pool water. Important: badly scaled pools may cause elevated ph conditions above the recommended range. Pools with scale should be descaled before using kleen pool & ph should be adjusted between 7.2 - 7.6 to maximise effectiveness. Pools with tiled, marblite or painted surfaces may have a rough surface due to calcium scaling. If so, the pool should be acid washed prior to using kleen pool longlife algaecide. Always follow the instructions on the box before using the product.

Kleen Pool