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Allgemein artikel name: tonic genre: jazz produkt typ: cd label: jazz emi titelanzahl: 8 dauer: 69:39 trackliste cd - 1 1. Medeski, martin & wood - invocation 5:15 2. Medeski, martin & wood - afrique 8:24 3. Medeski, martin & wood - seven deadlies 10:56 4. Medeski, martin & wood - your lady 9:12 5. Medeski, martin & wood - rise up 11:14 6. Medeski, martin & wood - buster rides again 7:36 7. Medeski, martin & wood - thaw 11:32 8. Medeski, martin & wood - hey joe 5:30 beschreibung beschreibung the first officially released live album by medeski, martin & wood, as well as their first acoustic recording since their debut, tonic captures the best of several 1999 performances at the small new york city club of the same name. The group's playing is a nice mix of outside, bop, & funky grooves, but the difference here is that medeski is unable to rely on the electric organ to produce effects. That often means his lines are busier & more staccato than usual, &, especially on "invocation" & "thaw," he takes spirited flights into the avant-garde with chaotic yet controlled flurries of notes. The group's rhythmic interplay, too, becomes more important in this context, with the grooves shifting around often enough to give the musicians more to react to. The eight-song program is equally divided between originals & covers with the latter category including hard bop material by lee morgan, john coltrane, & bud powell, as well as a gentle, album-closing rendition of the rock standard "hey joe." although tonic is markedly different from the jazz-funk-rock with which mmw made their name, it's a rewarding excursion & one of their most purely jazz-oriented works. ~ Steve Huey Steve Huey Mitwirkende Artist: Medeski Martin & Wood Record Label: Blue Note Design: Heung-heung "Chippy" Chin Bass: Chris Wood Maracas Mbira: Billy Martin Producer: Medeski, Martin & Wood Performer: Billy Martin Percussion: Billy Martin Art Direction: Heung-heung "Chippy" Chin Preparation For Cd Mastering: David Baker Current Distributor: Emi Music Distribution Mastering: Mark Wilder Piano: John Medeski Drums: Billy Martin Project Manager: Mantis Evar Melodica: John Medeski Record Label: Emi Performer: John Medeski Engineer: Frederico Cribiore