Neewer 44-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit, Compatible With Gopro Hero 45 Session, Hero 1233+456, Sj40005000, Nikon & Sony Sports Dv In Swimming Rowing Climbing Bike Riding Camping & More



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產品類別Camera other accessories
  • Car Suction Cup Mount Holder + Surface Quick Release Buckle + Long Screw Bolt: Allow you to put your GoPro camera steady in any position in your car; By rotating direction With the swivel mount, it allows us to adjust the GoPro to many different angle
  • Monopod Handhold Mount + Tripod Mount Adapter + Long Screw Bolt: Adjustable ball head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position. This can increase the height and distance, allows you to reach the best shooting angle
  • Head Belt Strap Mount + Long Screw Bolt /Chest Belt Strap Mount + Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm (with Surface Quick Release Buckle): Allow you to use the GoPro camera on head or helmet to record those in front of you; Thus you can swing your body at will, your hands can idle down to do whatever you want to do, and your camera will quietly stay on your head/chest and recording the excellent moment
  • Bike Tripod Mount + Tripod mount adapter + Long Screw Bolt: The adjustable arm allows users to adjust the mount at any desired angles between 0-180 degrees; Within the rubber clamps grips, the mount kit could be tightly fixed on the handlebar
  • Floating Grip Mount + Long Screw Bolt: This combination allows you to achieve the completion of photography on the water; When the camera is mounted on the equipment, it will be floating in the water steady, does not affect any of your shooting, bright yellow is so cute and can easily identified

note: gopro is not included.

note: for nikon, sony sports dv & other action cameras, there need another conversion adapter to mount on those accessories.

conversion adapter is not included in this accessories kit.

head belt strap mount:

new genenric black elastic adjustable head strap with anti-slide glue for gopro hero 45 session, hero 1233+456.

adjustable & compact design, meeting different requirements of the users.

strap is elastic & made with breathable material which ensures wearing comfort.

light weight, portable, easy to take.

material: fastening tape + pc.

adjustable car suction cup mount:

used to fix camera on car .

stable even in bumpy road.

180 degree rotary head.

package Contents:

1 X Carrying Case

1 X Head Strap

1 X Cheststrap

1 X Helmet Strap Mount

1 X Handle Monopod

1 X Floating Handle Grip

1 X Floating Block With Adhesive Pad

1 X Wrist Strap

1 X Remote Control Wrist Strap

1 X 360 Degree Rotary Clip Mount

1 X Bike Handlebar Holder Mount

1 X Bike Tripod Mount

1 X Mount

1 X Extendable Handle Monopod

1 X Large Shockproof Carrying Case

1 X Car Suction Cup Mount(7cm-diameter Base)

1 X Plastic Wrench Spanner To Tighten Or Loose Knob Nut Screw

1 X Three-way Adjustable Pivot Arm(with Surface Quick Release Buckle )

2 X Tripod Mount Adapter

2 X Surface J-hook Buckle

2 X Quick Release Buckle

6 X Screw

2 X Flat Mounts

2 X Curved Mounts

10 X Adhesive Pad(5 For Flat & 5 For Curved Mounts)

1 X Storage Pouch

1 X Safety Buckle